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Hot News | 32nd Manila International Book Fair!

Hot News | 32nd Manila International Book Fair!
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Hot News | 2011 Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) Convention

Hot News | 2011 Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) Convention
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After the Second World War (1940s), the Yao brothers established Paul Brothers, Inc. (PBI), a trading business dealing in general merchandise, mostly sporting goods, toys and various school & office supplies. They opened their first store and office along Quintin Paredes St. in Binondo (formerly known as Rosario St.). At this time, PBI’s clientele consisted mostly of retailers within Metro Manila and nearby towns.

In the 1950s, PBI expanded its product line of school and office supplies. The brands Multiprint and Speedway were established to carry various imported and local school and office supplies such as mimeographing inks, stencil paper, stationery items and various writing materials. 

The 1960s proved to be a significant period for PBI as it saw to the establishment VALIANTof its manufacturing arm in Caloocan City, Philippines Stationeries Manufacturing Corporation (PSMC), and flagship brand, “Valiant”. While PBI continued to be the marketing and distribution arm of the business, PSMC focused on developing and supplying Valiant products such as record books, stationery papers, journal notebooks, address books, etc. It was also during this decade when PBI began distributing to areas throughout the nation - from Luzon to Mindanao.

Due to the increasing market demands for the Valiant products, PSMC opened a larger production facility in Novaliches, Quezon City in 1972 while the warehouse and distribution hub remained in Caloocan City and the trading office in Binondo, Manila. It was also during this decade when PSMC began to manufacture other school and office products such as columnar notebooks, illustration boards, stamping supplies, erasers, among others.

In order to consolidate operations of the two companies, the owners decided to merge PBI with PSMC in the 1980s, maintaining the company name of the latter.

Later on, in the late 1980s upKYT Logo to the early 1990s, the company experienced further expansion and diversification in the demands for school and office products. As such, KYT Manufacturing and Marketing Corporation was established to take on the manufacturing operations of non-stationery products as well as act as the marketing and distribution arm of the business while PSMC remained the manufacturer of stationery and paper products of the business. However, in 1995, the owners decided to, once again, consolidate its manufacturing, marketing and distribution operations. Thus, PSMC was absorbed by KYT. 

Under the new business name of KYT, the company was established as one of strongest entities in the industry by instituting business partnerships with the biggest school and office retail stores in the country like National Bookstore and Expression.

At the turn of the century, the company focused on building its capability to serve the increasingly diversifying needs of the Filipino market. KYT did this by refocusing the company’s product lines according to the market direction, by investing in mechanical equipments in order to upgrade its operational and technological facilities, and by tapping on the rapidly growing importation business.

Over the past several years, the company continued to provide highly relevant, innovative and quality products to its consumers. It has expanded and diversified its range beyond paper products to include scissors and measuring tools by Westcott (The World's Favorite Scissor Brand), writing instruments by Schneider (Made in Germany), and quality art materials by Sargent Art (The Leading Brand of Non-Toxic Quality Art Materials in the U.S.). Furthermore, the company has also begun to expand its market reach to neighboring countries in the Asia Pacific region. 

In 2012, with the business expanding beyond our local borders, the company decided to espouse its flagship brand by renaming the company to Valiant Paper Asia-Pacific Corporation

Today, Valiant Paper is proud to continue serving the Filipino people as well as our foreign consumers with a wide range of high quality and functional products that are essential to everyday life through our flagship brand, Valiant, as well as our other local and imported brands.


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